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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sunshine? we will talk about that coming up. we have a new accident in castro valley, we'll have the details coming up. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting. police found a man dead on the sidewalk, so far no word on any arrests in that case. one and will appear in person and the other 15 written testimony. he is supposed to testify at 530 tonight. we will likely here and talk about theories of political vendetta. he says that's how this got so
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blown up. the case became criminal after lopez told her neighbor about a kid and the neighbor went to the police. she sent a statement to be used in the ethics carrying in defense of her husband praye. we expect to hear from ross mirkarimi himself tonight's and then tomorrow from the mayor ed lee. presidenand the decision afs millions of americans that depend on upon it. now it's decision time.
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it is arguably one of the most important rulings in of the court's history were anticipating the results in just eighth few hours. if congress passes those law, will baby impeding their power, of the white house does not seem to think so. it gives hard-working middle-class families the confidence that it deserves. if the court does not strike down the entire law, the house will move to repeal what's left of it. obamacare is driving up the cost for health care and making it impossible for small businesses to hire new workers.
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when here in california, several key provision will remain under california law. insurance companies can get refuse coverage on anyone under 19 years old because of pre- existing conditions. and that they must provide basic maternity insurance. whethe majority of american kint this point on to strike out the mandates but to once to keep some of the provisions such as allowing their children to stay
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on their benefits till the age of 27. mitt romney made a very powerful statement saying that to the obama health care plan was a failure on the administration and the economy by focusing all its efforts on this. obama's administration is now a kind of saying that you guys did the same thing. werafter today the justices won't meet again until october. and firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke in the attic there.
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there were no injuries. my oldest daughter noticed the fire and she said mom on there is fire coming from the grosz. i tried to open the door to the crotch but there was so much blames i had to shut it that. investigators say it's too early to tell, but it may have started with a problem with a car. pottle the fire apparently started in a garbage bin there. there weren't too suspicious trash bin fires also in south san jose. and the waldo canyon fire in
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colorado springs has forced more th 30,000 people to evacuate their homes. the visibility is to pour for an official count on how many homes in structures have been destroyed at this time. this is a little bit scary than that. the fire has burned more than 15,000 a.. there are also to a major wild fire burning in colorado. we know that some of the red cross volunteers from the bay area has gone out to and helped. unfortunately they eat may get some more dry lightning storms.
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temperatures are running in the '50s all around as we head into the afternoon. they eighties in many of the spots. '60s in san francisco. we don't talk about anything besides normal around here. let's go to our maps, we are following a traffic alert right now out in castro valley. it seems as its is the southbound lanes of to 80. one lane should be blog for at a good half hour.
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also the natomas, 880 through oakland, up toward downtown oakland you should see some road work that should be wrapping up shortly. california at had a budget that was signed late last night by governor brown. it closed a $60 million deficit. the legislation made some very tough cuts. the budget also relies heavily on voters approving tax hikes in november. the city of stockton has until tomorrow to file for bankruptcy. it will become the largest city in the united states to do so. the plant will affectively plug
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beat the city's $25 million deficit. when she is the men accused of beating the priest, linder, accusing him of molesting him when he was a young boy in. there seems to be some strange things going on. the judge never explained what happened. a witness to the alleged crime then took the stand that she saw lynch beating their retired priest. but in the police statement she says that to she did not see the attack take place. gene quan has a new plan called
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10 hotspot it's focusing on to an area as where oakland shootings happened. one she says that some types of crimes are down since she began last fall. we think that we have the right strategy the right plan, quite frankly the right team. the people in the community know that that this 100 block plan ain't real. oakland has 200 fewer police officers than two years ago and violent crimes are up by 20% this year. oakland raider darius was pulled over by 8 highway patrol for
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suspicion of d y. he pled not guilty. gymnastic events were held. the competition will determine which will represent team usa in this summer's olympics. you could take a look at where the olympic rings now hanging. in london. it is by 11 now, we have trees houses all damaged by a fire work show gone wrong.
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and a victory off the field for the 49ers, the major complex that will,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,co.
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west virginia police are filing charges against the it was caused by a short now some are using raw cookie dough, a the morning repor your car may he depth in a typical cooking dave for people and the morning.
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we're starting to get things cooking on the roadway. unfortunately we have a traffic alert and the castro valley. it is a overtone accident. likely injuries. they do expect to see the planes blocked for at least a half hour per it heads up if your heading through the area. coming down the east shore freeway, the ashby avenue of france are shut down. it is about a 80 minute drive talent or so.
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all lanes are back open in the commune direction of westbound of 242 through concord. through the golden gate bridge, it looks like they reopened lanes to traffic. there is still some overnight red on these are francis drake and sausalito. folks around the bay area, patchy fogs that moved in along the coastline. it is still clear in the valley. temperatures in the '50s. as we head into the afternoon, it will be warm again. a lot of '70s inside the bay.
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high-pressure hose on for more day. a trough making its way toward the west coast and that's going to create cool temperatures over the next couple of days. numbers, not bad at all as we head toward the afternoon. it will be 80 degrees in san jose. 86 in morgan hill. 80 degrees in 83 in benecia. inside the bay we will find some sunshine parade 73 degrees in oakland 80 degrees in petaluma. auburn the next couple of days temperatures will cool down and this is because of the trough
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moving back in. this test wall in arizona about 3,000 ft. high their gusts up to about 25 mi. per hour. the dust created quite a mass. you don't have to sign up to get the warnings, you can opt out to not receive them although. you don't have to becomgo te front of the best to board now.
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and looks like a big snowstorm hit parts of london. it's not snow here though, it is power powdered sugar it some bay area cities are planning to reduce some garbage pickups to just watwice a month prayed i would be concerned about how we fill our been. we would have critters and we ee have a lot of raccoons, cats and
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animals are around our area. there are also concerns about the stench especially in the hot summer months. according to a study of the cambridge university that men were happier after their wives stop nagging men and doing housework. the women are going to love the study. time now is 521. it is not one of the best
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catches in pro baseball, it is our play of the day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stepping outside today, if you patches of fog outside the bay. some eighties in the valleys and a lot of '70s around the bay area.
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so far there by the city of santa clara will howl and start negotiations with to montana on a hotel. montana says that he has the funding for a sports bar and hotel across from peak niner stadium that is expected to be built in santa clara. several players were looking after, including till chris, we will see who the warriors go for tonight.
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the rookie, mr. trapped saved that from a home run right there. a left-handed snag. he was called up in may, and he is 20 years old and maybe the mvp of the legal right now. a woman gets super glue in her hair and is blaming the a flight attendant. and what part of the supreme court ruling won't change for americans. it will look at the letter is ross mercury news wife wrote in his defense. their house and a new car their house and a new car destroyed. ,,,, discover british columbia.
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my guess is they're not sleeping real well in the white house tonight. one of the most important rulings in his street just a couple hours away, how the supreme court's decision will impact us here in california. how low the weather will affect us inside the very area today, we will talk about that in a few minutes. we have a traffic alert in castro valley, we will have all the details coming up. the supreme court is set to
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rule on obama's health care reform 90 minutes from now. part of the lawsuit involves 26 states. every choirs all americans to buy health insurance. we'll find out shortly. its health care, it's politics, it's one of the most important rulings in the high court's history. today's announcement could go one of the few ways, the court could uphold the entire lot, parts of the law or just throw it out altogether. the mandate requires all americans to buy health insurance. boat, individual mandate will create problems for the millions of uninsured. congress will need to go in
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providing ways in providing coverage for those people. no matter what the ruling is there will be political impact on both sides. what ever the lcourts decide it will affect the wall. young adults would be allowed to stay on their parents' insurance until they're 27. and smaller plans must provide basic maternity benefits. the supreme court is expected to issue a ruling this morning. it looks like most of the americans like the provisions but do not like the mandate.
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that is right. a little over 50 to 60 percent of people like the provisions but they do not know if they'd be allowed to require everyone to follow the individual mandate. police are looking for a suspect in a deadly shooting here in san francisco. it was off mount vernon ave. they found a man dead on the sidewalk and so far there is no word on any arrests. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke and flames in the crotch and attic. my oldest daughter noticed a fire and says mom mom there are
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flames coming from the garage. i ran from my room and really quick and i tried to open the door of my garage but there are so many flames to where i had to shut it back. fire officials say that is still too early to tell, but they believe they may have started with a car in the grosz. and the two alarm fire apparently started in a garbage can. in milpitas. so far we have heard mirkarimi themselves talk about political conspiracy, that people are asked during him and
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that is how this whole thing was blown up on a proportion. the embattled share of this suspended by the mayor in march after he pleaded to a misdemeanor false imprisonment after an argument on new year's eve if which he grabs in bruise to her arm. lopez told her neighbor about it and our neighbor went to the police. she released a statement to be used in the ethics hearing. she said ross's not drink, he does not have lovers and the ethics hearing starts at 530 tonight's emmy do not know how long it is going to last. we are expecting live testimony to continue when we hear from
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mayor ed lee. crews are scrambling to prevent a raging wildfire to reach a air force academy. it has forced 32,000 people evacuate their home. this is the first time in my life where i have had to be evacuated. i've sat through category 3 hurricanes. but this is even scarier than that. that is an area that is half the size of oakland that has burned. it is only 5 percent contained right now. colorado has two other wild fires they are battling in the state it. you could see smoke from certain parts of dimmer according to my friends and family members.
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bolder in is about 30 minutes north. it's surmounting denver. you just feel bad for so many people who have lost their homes out in colorado right now. i have a friend out in colorado springs who says he is wearing a mask because the smoke is just so bad. call redwood like to see some rain, but they're not going to see that. outside although, we have some fog sticking toward the coast line. temperatures in the 50s across the board. up in today eighties in much of the south bay. as you make your way inside the
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bay, if the '60s and '70s with a plenty of sunshine. we still have a traffic alert in castro valley. so for a while, we have to lanes blocked. they are hoping to get the other lane open shortly. there was an overturned accidents and they're working to get everything cleared. it is across the span of the golden gate bridge. and overnight there were some major backups on the golden gate bridge. it is very slow for a while. anyway, for right now you are doing much better. everything is pretty much back open. that is traffic, back to you guys.
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governor brown has quietly signed off on a state budget. it closes a nearly $60 million budget. you can be sure of this, the legislature has made some very tough cuts in prisons and schools. not much left to cut. the budget requires thaboaters o talpass a tax hike in november. it would prohibit lenders from foreclosing all they consider alternatives t.
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and the mayor is submitting a new plan called 10 hotspots per share and it's that old plan was wrong. we think that we have the right strategy, the right plant, quite frankly the right team. the people in the community know that this one roadblock plante ain't real. oakland has 200 fewer police officers that it had two years ago and violent crime is up by 20% this year. and the fda approves the first new diet drug that tricks the
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brain into losing weight. a new study out of cambridge that's the is men doing a house chores were happier. was lisa does, that is,,,,,,,,,,
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we were about 12 hours to get the broadcast on the air the new date keeps coming on and on and those it was intense are oblique relentless we use some of the stuff from monday and some stuff from wednesday and then tuesday these will our days are fine for the first year but not as cracked up to bay we work 8 and but they are early hours scott pelley busy today the house will vote on a contempt of congress charge against attorney general eric holder he is accused of felon to provide documents to a house oversight committee for the fast and furious gun smuggling
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operation. investors do not have high hopes for the european summit in brussels. german chancellor is against a proposal from all european countries to share a debt burden. europe is on the brink again global economic growth slowing job creation stagnant and stocks are stuck the middle of the year a great time to revisit your financial to do list here is djilas was injured of cbs market watch. let's start with an easy one for yourself to open and review your in tarmac and investment statements. midyear a great time to rebalance you want to make sure allegations like stocks bonds in
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cashier at the level she want, if necessary free up cash and replenish for near-term expenses. maybe have a big purchase coming up if you work with and in an adviser or broker schedule an appointment to review your progress. you pay these folks make them work. tips for home owners make sure your property insurance up to date i'm dealing with less flashy issues because these are overlooked summer can bring some scary weather like tornadoes and hurricanes before an event ochers make sure coverage is adequate, most of the insurance people i talk to the big mistake homeowners under insurer, then the shop around for price the don't compare apples to apples and do not read their policy before a loss occurs.
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this is an easy thing to do. you're read your policy after a loss that is for sure. how about some other tips? and let me beg you to drafter well, if you have not done your well get busy, i think you should hire a lawyer to prepare estate documents but if you insist on doing it yourself use a software program at my watch stock, we have more money tips that can save you or make you money. power of attorney a good idea and at like a health-care proxy or living will. opening ceremony set for noon today in san jose for the u.s. gymnastics olympic team trials.
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here's a live look at the circle of palms former olympian jim this shannon miller will be there. the feat some eventual were held earlier this week. the event will be at c h p pavilion they will pick the women's gymnastics team. to represent united states in the summer games. my body does not been like that anymore. i cannot believe the olympics just a few weeks away. in the bay area and ran a nice summer pattern. some patches of fog early on, some has managed to sneak in the day mostly clear in the valley. we enjoy a beautiful summer weather again. mostly seasonal '80s inside the
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bay a few patches of fog on the coast line high-pressure holding on for now. you see this front that is approaching that will push the ridge to the east, that means temperatures will come down. maybe some patches of fog along the coastline and over night tonight. looks like cooler weather our direction temperatures not at 80 in san jose 76 in union city 78 redwood city, 84 livermore 83 danville 73 in oakland 82 in santa rosa breezy in san francisco. the numbers continue to fall friday and saturday. and next week on not at n i u and fourth of july next wednesday looking very nice lots
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of sun shine. will take you at side you can see the son starting to come up light traffic conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza a stall a very early approaching treasure island. all lanes open. no major delays on the upper deck. castro valley we have been following, since 4:30 a.m. earlier traffic alert in castro valley but all lens back open. if you're heading westbound 580 towards a 80 that is looking good. a live look get the nimitz at the coliseum no. 1880 find towards the north bank open exits. other bridges the richmond san rafael bridge this is westbound
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580 going towards iran, for the golden gate bridge so far things look good across the span there we open more lines. everything good to go towards doyle drive. back to you thought that the 1:00 a.m. google unveiled its google glass in san francisco yesterday it provides digital information with a built-in camera also the nexus seven tablets a 7 in. display same size as the kindle fire with the front facing camera. nexus' seven will be available next month at a low $200. the giants have a big victory over the dodgers a passenger blames aged networker for getting super glue in her hair. a look @ tonight cbs prime-
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time lineup. will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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looking good around the bed in we should see sunny skies tore the afternoon '80s and the valley. details coming up east bay traffic alert canceled were looking good across the bay area nothing out there blocking lanes. a fall look coming up 5:54 a.m. federal government has approved a new wave of strikes against 1999.
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it works by full and the brand so patients feel fuller sooner the new drug is not 100 percent safe when used alongside other medications on a united airlines flight and maintenance worker drops super glue on the passengers at the texas woman said she had to apply the material to the plastic from above her head on the houston flight the glue dripped on her hands and hair. the flight attendants said you cut super glue in her hair he ignored the comment and wouldn't give me eye contact. your place my seat cushion and walked out she thought out several compliance with united and with the department of transportation she has several pictures. and airlines officials said they are reaching out to the passenger to offer compensation and an apology.
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she has long hair that would hurt. ithis morning the giants have a piece of first place in the national league west they shut off the dodgers' 3 against a big sweep behind tim lincecum wouldn't for his first one since there were 28 in the third inning he throws a wild pitch he gets knocked over but holds onto the ball, you're out. melky cabrera stepped-up he hits a bloop single giants went 3-0 the a's bait seattle they take two out of 3 at seattle. 556 in the next half-hour and are aware from the supreme court's landmark ruling. are talking about the most important decisions in high
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court history is the law,,,,,,,,
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